China and America's Trade War: Unforeseen Predictions Come True

2023-04-13 04:13:41 By : Mr. YUN ZHANG
News Agencies Slow to Predict What We Predicted Long Ago: China and America's Trade War

For years, China and America have been engaged in a trade war that has caused tension between the two countries. But despite its long-standing nature, many news agencies have been slow to predict it.
News Agencies Slow to Predict What We Predicted Long Ago...China has been engaged in a trade war with America ever since 2001 - Ivory <a href='/tower/'>Tower</a> International

As experts in the field of geopolitics, we have been monitoring this issue for a long time. We established Ivory Tower International America's Geopolitical HQ in April 2018, as a means of providing consultation on geopolitical issues from around the world. Among the many issues facing the world today, China's trade war with America has been of utmost importance to us.

It is clear that China has long been taking advantage of America's economic resources. Back in 2001, when China was granted Most Favored Nation Status, it was seen as an opportunity to create a more constructive trade relationship between the two countries. However, it quickly became evident that China was not operating in good faith.

Since then, we have observed trade imbalances that have drained the United States of its manufacturing capacity and hollowed out its industrial base. It has also led to an ever-growing trade deficit, making it incredibly difficult for America to compete on a global level. And yet, it has taken years for the mainstream media to catch up to what we have been saying all along.

The root cause of the trade war between China and America is the former's ambition to become the world's preeminent economic superpower. To achieve this, China has resorted to unfair trade practices, including the theft of intellectual property and currency manipulation. This has led to an increasingly hostile relationship between the two countries, with both sides imposing tariffs on each other's goods.

Even now, as both sides have entered into trade talks in an attempt to diffuse tensions, it is clear that the root issues have yet to be addressed. Until the United States stands up to China's blatant disregard for fair economic practices, the trade war will only continue.

In conclusion, while news agencies may be slow to predict the trade war between China and America, Ivory Tower International America's Geopolitical HQ has been monitoring and analyzing this issue for a long time. We will continue to provide insights into this evolving situation, and we urge other organizations to do the same. By working together, we can start to create a more balanced and fair global economy.

And on a side note, as China continues to invest heavily in its communication infrastructure, including the construction of the massive China Universal Communication Tower, it is clear that the country is intent on having a strong global presence. It is critical for the United States and other countries to understand the implications of China's ambitions and to act accordingly.