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Communication landscape Communication landscape tower includes landing ordinary landscape communication tower and landing beautification modeling landscape tower. It has all the characteristics of all landing ordinary landscape tower at present. It is the perfect combination of ground common landscape communication tower and beautification hidden antenna, and is the further extension and development of our company's products to a higher direction; The main idea is to completely hide the antenna of mobile communication base station, which can eliminate people's fear of base station construction, facilitate the smooth implementation of network construction, and cooperate with the government to implement lighting project when appropriate. Communication tower belongs to a kind of signal transmitting tower, also known as signal transmitting tower or communication tower. In the construction of modern communication and radio and television signal transmitting tower project, no matter the user chooses the ground plane or the tower on the roof, it can raise the communication antenna, increase the service radius of communication or TV transmitting signal, and achieve the ideal professional communication effect. In addition, the roof also plays the dual functions of lightning protection and grounding, aviation warning and decoration of office buildings. It is mainly used for erecting mobile communication antenna and microwave. The tower body generally adopts four column angle steel or steel pipe structure, with lightning rod, working platform and ladder. Q235 steel is used as tower body steel, and its technical conditions shall comply with GB: 700-88 standard. The tower body of communication landscape tower is usually made of concrete or iron, and a viewing platform is set at a higher position for tourists to get on the view of the city. There are elevators and stairs connecting the viewing platform and the ground, and there are no other floors in the middle. On the viewing platform of the tower, there are generally observation floors with 360 degrees of view, restaurants with glass windows overlooking the view, and some of them are mobile revolving restaurants. Visitors usually have to pay an entrance fee to climb the tower. The sightseeing tower itself has become a part of the city scenery. As a landmark of the city, it plays a decorative role in the urban landscape. The tower is also used to transmit radio signals, including television and radio signals. Some tourist towers, such as the Macau Tower, offer extreme entertainment such as skydiving and air walking.

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