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Communication tower Communication towerbelongs to a kind of signal transmitting tower, also known as signal transmitting tower or signal tower. Its main function is to support signal and support signal transmitting antenna. It is used in communication departments such as China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom, transportation satellite positioning system (GPS). 1、 Characteristics and application of communication tower 1. Communication tower: it is divided into ground communication tower and roof communication tower (also known as communication tower). No matter the user chooses to build a tower on the ground, hill, mountain or roof, it plays a role of raising communication antenna. 2. Increase the service radius of communication or TV transmitting signal to achieve ideal professional communication effect. In addition, the communication tower on the top of the building also plays a lightning protection grounding, beautiful, aviation warning 3. Communication tower is mainly used for setting up signal transmitting antenna or microwave transmission equipment in mobile / Unicom / Netcom / public security / Army / railway / radio and television departments, so it is also called microwave communication tower. 2、 Production technology Communication tower (communication tower) is composed of tower body, platform, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support and other steel components, and is hot-dip galvanized for anti-corrosion treatment. It is mainly used for transmission and transmission of microwave, ultra short wave and wireless network signals. In order to ensure the normal operation of the wireless communication system, the communication antenna is generally placed at the highest point to increase the service radius, so as to achieve the ideal communication effect. The communication antenna must have a communication tower to increase the height, so the communication tower plays an important role in the communication network system. 3、 Scope of application China Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, water conservancy, railway, public security, transportation, military and other institutions.

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