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Communication landscape Communication landscape tower also known as process tower or stainless steel tower, is especially suitable for landmark buildings and the roof of major office buildings. Beautiful and generous, novel and unique, durable, decorative effect is good. Introduction Landscape tower, also known as process tower or stainless steel tower (because of stainless steel outsourcing), is particularly suitable for landmark buildings, the roof of each major office building. Beautiful and generous, novel and unique, durable, good decorative effect Main functions: Lightning protection, equipped with ordinary lightning protection or advanced professional products lightning protection device. Air defense, equipped with ordinary obstacle light or advanced automatic high life aviation obstacle light with flash. Communication, with the installation of BPR antenna communication devices, can achieve fire prevention, anti-theft wireless networking. Some of them are equipped with open sightseeing garden hall or closed sightseeing garden hall. Landscape tower Imitation Oriental Pearl landscape tower The upper part of the tower is made of stainless steel tube, and the surface of the tower is made of stainless steel plate. It is very bright in the daytime. At night, there are various kinds of chasing circulating color lights or color spotlights to contrast the shape of the building and beautify the night scene. Product features: The stainless steel tower designed and manufactured by our factory has beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, good conductivity and communication performance, reasonable design and excellent production. The tower body is equipped with channels, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and repair. The shape of the tower is novel and unique, which can echo with all kinds of modern buildings, increase the appearance beauty of buildings and enhance the overall image of buildings. Product technical data: 1: Design wind speed: 25m / s-38m / S 2: Tower verticality: ≤ h ‰ 3: Allowable ice coating thickness of tower body: 5-6mm 4: Seismic intensity: grade 7-8 5: Grounding resistance of lightning protection: ≤ 4 Ω 6: Safety factor: 4 times 7: The corrosion protection of steel parts is as follows: (1) hot dip galvanizing (2) thermal spraying

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