Single pipe beautification tower

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Application advantages: 1. Avoid disputes and contradictions in the construction: due to the limited understanding of scientific knowledge in relevant fields, urban and rural residents are generally sensitive to the radiation problem of communication base stations. If the old-fashioned communication tower (standard blue communication tower) is used, the radiation problem of communication base station is relatively sensitive, The triangle tower and the four corner tower will cause the aversion of the surrounding residents, resulting in slow construction and even the emergence of "dead station" and "fee station". The beautification of communication mast tower can be well integrated into the site environment of the station area from its appearance, such as the street lamp post beautified into the urban road administration, the beautification platform at the top of the main body of the high pole street lamp, and the beautification of the tall shrub plants (trees). This form of improvement not only does not damage the basic landscape of the city, but also can hide the business antenna or some equipment, avoiding some residents' disputes caused by "visual impact disgust". 2. Fast construction speed: due to the large windward side of the platform, the old communication tower covers a large area, has a long construction period, and has a large construction area. However, in the urban area, the site is often narrow and the site conditions are not fully satisfied with the construction conditions. 3. Safety in use: beautify the construction of communication mast and tower. Professional units are responsible for tracking and managing the whole process from geological exploration, tower design and construction, and are equipped with quality and safety inspectors. The wind resistance can reach 11 grade, which can fully adapt to the northern windy and sandy climate. 4. The type is flexible and can adapt to a variety of needs --- according to the requirements of the operators, the beautification schemes of various heights (20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, abnormal height) and types can be derived to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. 5. High quality and centralized construction team: in the past, many departments and personnel were involved in the construction of communication tower. If the interface is not well connected, the construction speed will be greatly reduced

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